You're Better Than This
Released March 3, 2015.
Recorded and mixed in October of 2014 by Ben Brodin in Studio B of Another Recording Company in Omaha, Nebraska. Mastered by Richard Marr at Galaxy Park Studios in Watertown, Massachusetts. Artwork by Adric Giles and Ethan Long.
1. THE WORLD IS YOUR MOTEL I sit with my bouquet Plucking petals torturously I have no mercy I set the bar real high and come up just shy And then pound my desk with the utmost frustration But it runs! just enough! It’s fine! I keep a good attitude! But I’ll never be Elvis I guess. Just one big moist bag of garbage Missing the low hum that connects things A dumpy woman in a tracksuit It’s all the same to me, man. I can send mail, cook food and complete other simple tasks If required My resume, while less than impressive, is consistent. I’m at the mercy of machines. Out of context, That could sound like a real problem But it’s only in pictures Always only in pictures 2. MR. FISH My name is Darryl Fish and I changed when I turned 21 I used to feel the sun’s warmth on my arms Now the sky just opens up. I pull the sheets over my head and try hard To disappear. But in bed with me is A zoo of formless tenants that I wrestle with They burrow into me and push out through my limbs. They find their way out. Woke up in the middle of the ocean With everyone without faces. “I only want this thing to drift and I’ll cut any rope that’s got an anchor on it and if you try to keep us here I’ll drill a hole at my feet if I need.” Then the choir surrounds him and they push their song That always seems off I wouldn’t call them wrong I just wouldn’t ask them at all “I wonder if my fate has been taped to my back because all their eyes look like they’re reading me as forms I was supposed to have filled out but it’s all paperwork I don’t need to have” Floats hands behind head And then he sees the choir Pulling the ship off into the sky gaping open It’s dark now, and he wonders when The sun will come up and how it’ll feel on his skin and if it will at all 3. TIN FOIL HAT A dog to you or anyone Who will provide protection, Keep intact my shoebox, house my bones. There are magnets on the ceiling That pull half of the left side of your lips up. I made them work strong because while I work in physics I’m also a plumber by trade, so. I pull down eyebrows while I know my knees will buckle I’ll still amble in. The latrine was filled with holy water and all sorts of things we have in common Shaved my entire body. Took a bath Made the water as hot as I could tried to sleep and then figure out some math equation That I must’ve been given as a kid How she must’ve felt when the shaved side of her head started growing back. Then the age sets in to need something Tries to fit inside his shaved suit I need to need something clean He’s a dog to anyone, just let him eat. 4. HOT BREATH I can feel every bulb start to dim Over my head, it gets tougher to tell what is. The mouth grows wide and looms over me. It shows its teeth. I feel its hot breath. The steam makes me restless. I wish it would put me to bed. Tried to watch from my fourth wall but I can’t see three more in it. Only the back of a tooth in the distance and that warm pulsing breeze. I must be sitting inside but I won’t let it swallow. I feel my veins start to swell, they flood back, Pumping fire out of me. I see its jaw start to close. Pull out and show it its teeth. I’ll breathe the stink of its hot breath. I’ll become it’s dream And I’ll make it drink from my breast. Opened wide the tongue reaches up so I can give it a soft kiss I feel my tits start to grow. I fill them with joy and let them overflow. 5. TOUCHED BY COMFORT It’s the same place on a map But most things have turned over. Building repurposed, money exchanged Between floating hands. I thumb through, looking for something flammable. But I can’t rely on getting handed a book of matches every time. I wish it were direct where things can go But only pictures, always pictures. Covered in dust that I ate from a bag At a place we bought gas. Hobbling into childhood again He’ll thank me for my blessing, I barely keep in touch. It’s the same place on a map but most things have turned over. 7. WAKING UP IN THE MORNING Found in a surf green tiled bathroom with nothing in it Except the pale light from the window and us two: just flesh and hair. I sleepwalk with my second grade teacher Her soft hand held mine while I was soaking wet 8. #2 HIT SINGLE He can fit your entire head in his hand. He squeeze, it throbs, all wide eyes and tight grips. Those giant mitts, trying to wring us out And we still sit in its palms. But at night, I get swollen in white leather and black rubber and one fat layer of sweat. My face is brushed with the devil’s fruit and I don’t have to think about tomorrow again. 9. YELLOW ROOM Eyes that dart and wander around their tomb. Heart turned into a fist when the body can’t move. Wants out of its box, then the yellow one. Stuck between sleep and panic That paint is a brutal prison guard. Waves an insulting gesture at me. Jumps out the chest and starts running at the walls It’s losing its shit and swears there’s a room outside this one. It’s just a reflective vest that covers For bloated guts that exist to serve themselves. And they stop functioning all at once. At least let him look out. 10. APPENDICITIS There were times that I wanted it So bad I made it hurt But now I wait as patiently as I can for my heart to ache again Now I’ve a shell I could sell as warmth That I can always hide in. I want my home to be nice, my pride and joy But it won’t ever own a bed. (sEcReT tRacK) ROCK AND ROLL FOREVER WITH THE CUSTOMER IN MIND I smell heat I just want something to put in my pan I just wanna cook up something good for you I want you to eat my food