Released July 7, 2007.
Recorded at the kkonkrete kkyyrtyyrd, the 6 avon stoned ham and the human assle hole between 2005 and 2007. cover art by Eben Kling.
1. BUILD A FIRE why’d you try and build a fire and hide you have it no meaning or the like no one thinks in pictures but mimes and you have no sense of time find what you hold most dear in life and sell it for a decent price show the kids what’s what and right guard everything else with a knife what i want is free but i don’t know what that means i want answers to some questions that i can’t speak i live nonsense in speed so just bleed til the hearts pumps harder and speak til the tongue pumps water but what if some things are better left to breathe i’m gonna build a fire and die one that don’t care if i’m dead or alive show em all i’ve done and what it’s right and they’ll use it all as a guide 4. HOLE IN THE OCEAN she’s gone to build a hole in the ocean i said you might want to wait til it’s frozen and she said that could never happen and i said nothing at all she’s gone to fight the laws of gravity then she’ll be able to live happily and i’m stuck in a cloud don’t think i can get out it’s my opium cuz i need to need something i love it when the sounds come and it soothes while it stings 5. AFRAID OF HOME i’m bored of all i can afford it’s the other person’s fault it’s mine, it’s yours it’s a failure we’ve endorsed and i’m the sinner one more hour to ignore it could be the same day out in space, i lost my place now i’m afraid of home 9. SLUG begging for change on the outskirts of the city not knowing on whose tombstone he was sitting he prayed save me and them from the who knows and the happened agains they’re swimming just like ghosts beneath the floor they use their magnets to drag all feet to the door i guess i’ll have to run head down in an open field but the space doesn’t make him cold i’ll grow like some tree and i still won’t like you on your knees so long as you’ll leave me where i’ll be thought he heard the world begging please defeat me he learned the story of some architect and checked out completely i know i don’t move so good but mom i swear someday i’ll dance in the woods until then i’ll get trapped in my room and hopefully start to cry from the fumes be proud of being ashamed of speaking in code and be about the same of how i push the load and no one will be spared and still no will care of those dying trying to protect those dying because they had performed correct i had to run the man in the seminar suit said there was something i could do i’ll grow like some tree and still i won’t like you on your knees so long as you will leave me where i’ll be