Released October 23, 2012.
Recorded and mixed by Dan and James at the sex dungeon in July of 2012. Mastered by Richard Marr at Galaxy Park studios in August. All artwork by Courtney Allen. Bass by Matt Connery. Guitar by Matt Becker. Other guitar and vocals by Rick Maguire. Drums by Kris Kuss. Released by Dan Goldin and Dave Spak on Exploding In Sound records.
1. BABY BOY he lives on a playground where he can drink grape juice all day if he wants it might be cute but not for a grown up he washes his hands in a water bubbler he made his camp under a slide he likes to hear the kids yell as they slide down it’s how he gets his sleep he waves his arms and rants and cranks butts and tells all the kids to never change just keep it kinda clean if those baby teeth don’t grow you could always pout and scream anyway if that puss don’t squirt from your gums you could always out the teet you scathe he wakes up in a sandbox, hits the hose and calls his folks he tries to keeping it clean 3. THE BROWNS you look so good with no eyebrows it really brings out your browns oh we should shave them again! we should try and find me a place we should try and find me a home that i can be leaving/believe in don’t be so hard there’s no other way to shove out your browns we should shave you some more 4. GRUNT LIKE A PIG i’m that bead of sweat on your bald head i’m the fog in your glasses i’m the heavy breath in your lungs and i’m in the corner as you grunt like a pig i can feel every thrust slide through i was the one that threw my head back when it fit it i was the cloth that hit the floor so you could take that kid, put the small finger over her mouth i was the feverish one that locked the door behind i was the virgin that wasn’t there i was god and the sewage treatment that crawled up into your womb tell me what it was like as a kid so you’ll be easier to scoop and your feet are so tiny they’d never fit in my shoes oh god it dizzies me so i was the one that stuck you to the sheets don’t roll the wrong way i wouldn’t wanna wake that sleepyhead we all work through our own demons we all work through our own deities 5. PROM SONG whispered at your mum she wondered why you came fold it up a couple times and then use it for shade never asked to go and see through each day oooh dad why do i have to stay? you’re an upstanding man and i’m just a fish i wanna go swimming and it’s making me itch now that everyone’s gone i locked em out of my home and they’re making friends outside and i’m finally alone now that everyone’s gone i locked em out of my home i’ve been aching friends outside and i’m finally alone 6. BUMP A GRAPE traded up for stronger cologne cuz he turned his skull into a broken bone he tried to cry cuz it hurt to think but neither lobe works in a leisure suit made of rhinestones he watches his dog clean his clothes he seems an alright guy from what i know transit authority funds what i bypass to get my feeding tube and the plastic it’s made from holds up so strong and true but i want a string quartet while i use the loo spiders crawl up from under me to make sure i move they crawl into my holes and make me weep and remember my name he will only dance to a dial tone he lives on function and function alone there’s not much behind the eyes from what i know traded up for stronger cologne smells like going out looks like staying at home and all the while there were spiders in my butt crawlin around and i want a string quartet while i use the loo nothing crawls up over my head to make sure i move. 7. BUBBLEGUM stiff tongue press bubblegum against teeth ready to rot out sit on hands and give what-for’s to those who hope to drift outside the orgy continued despite requests to leave them alone to sit their hands on their own desks i was the one that stepped on her face such beautiful skin as i clawed it away let’s use it again put a bucket under the drain and the teeth are bent and cracked again a tongue that won’t calm down any way that we could get a liter of blood on the cuff i spent everything i know on killing my children for precious convenience i saw the arson sleeping in a dry nest i saw fire more and i hoped for it less well just as a standby every one does their best i dream of its death and i hope for its rest 8. SUN POISONING i’m right at home sleeping on the sequins of my demon’s cum it makes me shake when i’m in my bed leaves me awake covered in sweat i’ll beg if i have to oh please just stay so i can watch you oh holy beast i’m on a knee wrap around my throat make me dizzy i need your time to lighten mine i’ll be your worm if you’ll be my eyes i have become cold and dry my demon found a new guy learned to spell and then he let the name die became a snake that’s colored white and it grows its own legs to walk itself into demon’s private beach where the ants all walk all over me i let them roam i let them eat and in the sun i’ve got a place to sleep covered in seed 9. STEVE’S MOUTH a mouth grew up and out and into the ground with lips that i wanted to be now i’m the one that makes sure it eats steve woke up sitting on his own head sobbing and couldn’t breathe he had a dream that the mouth died because steve had to eat mouth had a good eye on its greed it only takes that which it needs sometimes i wish it would eat me 10. THE JONES tried to keep up by running in place tried to keep my cool but all that blood went in my face now i’m cold when i seek naked warmth just spread it out more oOOoooOooOOOo i bought all these books because they’re better insulation than wallpaper and if you wanna better yourself then ask you neighbor oh the jones the jones the jones they’ve got bigger bones that carry more weight and throw bigger stones take what you want and then just burn the rest you’ve got more notches than’ll fit on your chest oh the jones the jones the jones they’ve got bigger bones that carry more strain than one can do alone