Jerk Routine
Released May 1, 2009.
Engineered, mixed, mastered and co-produced by Richard Marr at Galaxy Park Studios. Songs by Rick Maguire. Drums on tracks 6, 7, 9 & 10 by Josh MacGregor. Violin on track 4 and cello on track 8 by Liz Bollenberg. Photography by Courtney Allen. Recorded in April of 2009.
1. PERVERT he can’t sleep because he daydream a few thing at once that won’t add up he’s a mailman at an ever rotating circus with nothing to bring he could blame math he could blame whatever he can get that won’t talk back i cursed the crab now i know i’m one of its friends must’ve been the crab that bit off my tongue then the dream ends but i swallowed it down i can feel it move maybe move it back up and staple it on oh look at her oh what is she trying to do trying to get me don’t get to me man gets shot into the rudder at a decent speed and mangles his arm they took the mush and put it in a sling around his neck where all the parts were there he couldn’t write or work or even jerk off he still didn’t know if he wanted to get back in the boat 2. RAISED BY GHOSTS raised by ghosts in the woods wandered from home til it was for sure she was lost she lived there alone with her concerns about everyone and their very different costs each one hang them by their toes but someone kicked and now someone knows oh please don’t rest your weary soul if you live in it i’ll live in it too she makes her keep living on watch boss laid her out but there’s no point getting upset prayed to the ghosts the best i could cuz they understood karma and i knew what he’d get how do you take your meat after your king cheerily concedes oh please don’t rest your weary soul if you live in it i’ll live in it too we laid across the water we prayed against the sun with eyes that burned the ornaments and a tongue that killed to stun we laid across the water where we’d thank everyone took out all we wanted and then said it’s done raised by ghosts in the woods i know the world turns and it will turn on me i won’t wait for it neither will she and back to the woods we forever will be 3. IDIOT THE CHEF i was sucking on the doorknob while chewing on the key then snuck in through the window to help preserve my knees when do i get to go when do i get to stay i could bite my nails to the elbow or i could just wait i was giving everything i have to you and i found that my trash picking was the best thing i could do get to licking all the wounds now we funnel in the salt going to get so high and low now it’s all your fault all of the stoplights are out today so i’ll chance it and coast they always win but i’m a dictator of a small plot of land don’t pluck flowers with the hand i’m holding i need to hoard only a few things all for myself otherwise i start to get so nervous 4. FIDGET fudge it in your chair hoping you could shift something but they’re all carrying on snuck out the back and ran at full speed and stumbled backwards onto your lawn it was an awful mistake you made now you’re part of the stain! what you want moves too slow but it won’t ever stop it’s too late for what you should know and it won’t ever stop pushing blood through the floor you started itching so you started to undress and they all looked at you strange and said put some clothes on but you’ve got no one to impress and they accused you of having changed fuck you for thinking you kno i still love you i don’t know monkey don’t see so he shaved his hands he feel okay when he don’t wanna dance forgot the fat that i had to trim wearing the slab that hung on the brim 5. WHITE KNUCKLES a feverish hand is the one that swings the ax rote learning while shivering on its back strangers and friends alike don’t know how to react with your white knuckles on the ax the water in your head begins to expand pistol in mouth and ax in hand with your hands full you cannot meet your demands while sitting in the snow for a sun tan blew himself away and went back inside he but the ax did not survive boots covered in brain and he laughed until he cried resolutely decided that he tried 6. BALL BLUES now it’s really moving for you and all the clippings you saved are you sticking with the plan or moving into said cave or you can drag that mannequin by the ankles through all the streets that you paved i shined the butler’s shoes and smiled til my teeth began to rot i spent about three whole years explaining what i was not i’ve made plenty of mistakes already but that’s the best one i’ve got i’d sing a hymn for the dead if i thought that they’d be waking up turning on but they’ve got keeping to do i’ve come close but i know i’ll never get it whatever it was a month from now won’t amount to shit i think i’ll still somehow find a reason that won’t leave me dead 7. HAUNT chew the skin with that stupid grin as you tear off another piece suits to spin spit the organs in a bin we make friends as slick as grease all alone in the boiler room touch him the way that i touch you you say what haunts you now it can haunt me too lord i know i swear i know whoever it was it wasn’t me it’s just the flu and i can share it with you shake you til you can’t speak 8. THE MOON i used to spend my days howling at the moon draining glass, gathering gravel on my tooth not much has changed in the way that that world moves except now the moon howls too we can talk ourselves into a headache no one’s trying to kill us on purpose someday we’ll read the news on the porch until then we’ll have to move we’ll get some rest some time this afternoon where we can bake in some light that ends too soon if it weren’t for the night i’d never leave my room but now i get pulled in by the moon 9. PURSE AND FARES i was born on top a mountain and now i can die underneath the sea i was bold and it got strange and i can float there just the same plus who cares equals my brand new purse and a couple fares i ain’t runnin off but i aint comin home to a place i’d rather not be and i know that i can take that large microscope that i have made i’ll have to smash it on the pavement along the way you do your best to wish me the worst don’t flatter yourself by calling it a curse my snakes are my feet my knees my eyes i’ma try to walk with my arms at my sides i’m trying hard to get there alone but the nerves are the hardest to shake i thought i had to inch back while i started to slouch the other way while i try and figure out how i’m supposed to pray i’m not running off but i’m not coming home to a place i’d rather not be don’t give me guilt don’t send me hate while i sit here at the gate just trying to pay my dues and my respects on the same day 10. WORK slow burning smoke in my eyes i’m a fool cuz i might think the proof is air tight enough to break a bone on a bad overbite and a kid’s world overthrown mug with no story to tell just a half lit idea that hasn’t worked that well when he takes the time off little adrenaline and the brain gets so soft benzo make you calm down easier to work on habits of hand and habits of head make what you can and then break what you want you’re a castle of sand that won’t ever die that’s what you get for to pull that kind of stunt write it 500 times on the wall well there one goes down in the ham i think i can cancel it out i can sigh and float like i’m done do my worst while i’m not even there once in a while i’ll take my time on take a day off be all gone be on the off