Magic Isn't Real
Released October 2, 2010.
Richard Marr - tracked, mixed and mastered at galaxy park studios Lindsey Boss - cover art Matt Becker - bass Rick Maguire - guitar and vocals Kris Kuss - drums
1. UNCLE JILL staring out on escape routes as things as i knew show up and leave if they won’t go they get shoved out i’m packing light with what i need not bad enough to not be that good uncle jill please don’t judge me or i will kill you for it i’m normal man who does normal things don’t know what i’ve been using don’t know what i’ve been losing Don’t know what I’ve been doing i hate all the things i want i hate all the things i bought i hate all the air in my room i’m the only one i know i’m not ashamed or proud of it may 13 was a new moon new moon. 2. CAME AS A GLOW bear said he saw it as paper thin but now a million sheets can hold it in they’d ripped and thrown out each new page because now the old machine don’t work the same home degenerated so now they live here where they can stay alone on whatever they’re on either snipped or stained by what can’t be held down and i don’t know anything that stays around they level off and obey the sun when it leaves for the evening everyone becomes anyone it came as death or it came as a glow but there might be a grip on whatever makes things get wet 3. PETS when pets and their owners don’t mix and the ape wants a divorce after years of empty threats he was resolute in his force and now he’s above you was a lifetime stuck on repeat ape had shut off long time ago had to sleep had to eat had to watch die what was fully grown whimpered it’s way out ape stuck in motel rooms man’s back with his family whose thoughts got colder? whoever stays is damned to “let’s meet up at home” man obliges, clothes come off ape starts to slide it in whilst the man is still weeping ape writes a postcard his head in another place he gets his and rolls off stares up and then the man rolls away I shoot at only things that smile down on me just to see if they’ll move so at least I’ll know. 4. LEVEE no pressure on the levee with your prowess in physics i don’t wanna see the clouds that it leaves in its wake run back to all those things that look like home found with age the body breaks down without taste the body gives out so how do i evaporate table burns on the other side of where you eat from but the guts dried out and you only consume distraction no way to get some sleep with a fear of water i was so calm and warm so how do i evaporate Oooooh. 5. NUMBER ONE HIT SINGLE suck itself out through the mouth gave it a good talking to maybe should’ve given it a rest about a week a year or two button it up does it only do that one thing is that it’s only purpose if that’s the case i’d say we’ve come as we can to being absolutely worthless here’s to that well i’ve moved deadweight before and i can probably move it more maybe it floats how would i know i give praise to centipedes for my allegoric goats feed maybe they’re ghosts but a cop out at most run through the waves 6. TWO SNAKES sink into woolgathering on blood you could pour out and never feel it’s wrong try and cut your teeth on a heart ache you felt and maybe it loved you so much maybe it disproved it’s emptiness but with two snakes in the grass i’ll never walk barefoot again maybe i should sit on it then could plan out my revenge and smile on your shame you just wanted something in/around you i guess i guess i guess no one’ll get their wish 7. OCTOPUS 8 arms 8 legs to suck and push what do you give to those people? what do you take? read up if you want eat up if you want i was shipped from overseas to learn to spell your name and say all of those things that you don’t want to explain don’t know how my strength comes from fear i’m beat up if you want i’ll clean up if you want why hate and doubt things you thought was honest but i was honest 8. AWAY IN A RAINBOW! mr. was born in a coccoon he’ll come out better he’ll come out soon or let’s hope, he prayed in a rain storm and hoped god would notice magicians fix comes in brown hues and his act suffered everyone knew tadada! he was the punchline someone musta told him i know i’ve been cold but the weather don’t get that warm so… oh great tiki what is in store go ask the planets i think they know more oh and how! i read a new book and this one has answers repeat them when i count sheep in a cold sweat away in a rainbow or one i can hide in difference between magic and a crutch i have pride in i know i’ve been cold but the weather don’t get that warm so i give praise to the only way so the guilt is on the blameless name that i’m told can’t wait for the surprise i’m owed can’t wait for the surprise i’m owed i’m owed 9. DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING those eyes swam pretty deep let my god play referee but he only speaks in japanese i live in dirt and i wet my pants and make it mud maybe i should plant something first i guess i thought i noticed but i don’t know don’t tell a soul step in it to occlude what’s done but how could a million years be wrong my spine is asking to show how i come and i how i go when i find out you’ll be the next to know 10. SWEAT LODGE tender as the sand is rough devices that could fill your cup that get spit in for nourishment ___drink it up